Particle Separators… Gimmick or Must-Have on your SXS?

With UTVs, there’s a lot of innovation in the aftermarket. With the abuse UTVs take, the aftermarket keeps designing great products. So, here’s how to extend the life of air filters and the life of the engine.
Particle separators are a “pre-filter” that separates dust and debris from clean air before it even enters your air filter. There are two that have the market. The S&B UTV Particle Separator and the KWT Particle Separator.

Our Gen 1 S&B Particle Separator on our 2021 Can-Am X3 Turbo RR Smart Shox

S&B launched their design first. It has an interior fan that forces dust out while allowing clean air in. At $500 it wasn’t cheap. But, having to change air filters is a pain in the ass and expensive. It’s huge for everyone (especially us at They just released their Gen 2 separator which has quieter fans and it’s slimmer. We use the Gen 1 separator on our Can Am X3 Turbo RR. We haven’t changed our air filter yet. The separator really does the job.

S&B’s Particle Separator
What we like:
The fan gets silt and dirt out with no filter changes on the unit itself.
The design is slim and looks great.
Their Gen 2 is quieter and the Gen 1
It’s easy to install with no cutting or trimming

What we don’t like about S&B’s Particle Separator:
It’s more expensive than KWTs.
The fan is noisy
The wired design draws power (3.1 Amps)

Gen 2 S&B Particle Separator (Courtesy of S&B Filters)

KWT Particle Separator

Our next particle separator is made by KWT. It was developed by aerodynamicist Ken Larson (say that 10 times fast, LOL).
The KWT separator does not draw power!. It doesn’t need wiring and it’s completely silent. It’s $100 less than S&Bs separator. It’s a great option for many riders.

What we like about KWT’s separator:
Powerless system that requires no electricity.
Priced at $400.
It’s completely silent

What we don’t like about it:
You’ll have to cut the air inlet cover.
The collection chamber needs to be emptied periodically.

KWT Particle Separator (Courtesy of KWT Particle Separators)

Bottom Line
With OEM air filters averaging $40, particle separators are a great investment. They’ll keep the engine lasting longer and they look pretty badass.

Here’s a shot of our S&B particle separator in action on our shop rig.


  • Jake Pascal
    June 18, 2021 at 9:05 am

    I’m thinking about picking up a KWT to try out I like the fact that there’s no power draw…

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