Shop Showcase: Raceco-USA Inc.

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Tucked back in the hills of Fallbrook, California lies Raceco-USA inc. a high end fabrication shop that specializes in transforming Honda Talons into race-winning machines. The owner, Jamie Campbell combines his 30+ years of desert racing experience and high end race car building to turn the Talon platform into a bombproof asset that can tackle the Baja 1000 without compromise. You’ve probably seen Campbell’s Talon builds winning races like Vegas to Reno, the Baja 1000, and the San Felipe 250 and are wondering what it takes to transform an ordinary Talon into something strong enough to conquer hundreds of miles of rough terrain at high speed without failure. That’s where Raceco’s fusion of high end materials and expert fabrication come into play. They design a whole range of components for the Talon platform ranging from Steering racks to trailing arms to ensure the Talon won’t crack under pressure.

 Raceco-USA Inc. Fallbrook, CA
Raceco-USA Inc. Fallbrook, CA

Raceco’s most recent build comes in the form of a Prerunner built for Baja. The customer, Larry Janesky of the Into the Dust film series, needed a UTV that could handle the varying terrain of Baja and be reliable enough to take him through it without issue. That’s where Raceco and the Talon truly shine. With Honda’s 6 speed dual clutch transmission, and fitted with Raceco’s components. The platform has proven to be a winner in terms of reliability and agility.

Build Sheet:
Raceco 1000-4RX Prerunner
1000cc Honda Tuned w/ Dynojet Power Vision 3
Raceco CMI 300m Axles
DCT Sequential 6 Speed
KWT Particle Separator
With OEM Filter
Suspension: Front
4130 Chromoly Upper & Lower A Arm
Raceco LTR 76 Inch
Fox 2.5 IBP Coilover
With Eibach Springs
18 Inches Wheel Travel
Eibach Sway Bar With Raceco Sway Bar Links
Suspension: Rear
Raceco LTR Trailing Arm 3 Link Configuration
Fox Racing 3.0 IBP Coilover
18.5 Inches Wheel Travel
Raceco Shocktower Brace
Raceco A Arm Braces
Trailing Arm Braces
JDR1 Services (Jimmy Richardson)
Switch Pros
65 Amp Alternator Kit
Honda OEM
Raceco Hub Stiffener
Raceco Spec Wheel Studs By RPI
Wheels And Tires
15×7 Vision Manx 2 5+2 Offset
32×9.50r15 BFG KR2 UTV Spec
Number Plate
Raceco Lower Doors
NRG Seats Mounted On Raceco Seat Mounts
Impact Harnesses
Lowrance GPS
PCI Race Air
PCI Icom Radio
PCI Intercom
Raceco Steering Wheel
With Shift Kit
Raceco Billet Passenger Grab Handle
Raceco Spec Cage
AGM Jack
Dirt Bagz Tool Bags
And Axel Wraps
Speed Strap Limit Strap
And Tire Strap
1 Life Trauma First Aid Kit
KWT Particle Separator
Hostyle Window Nets
Raceco Low Pro Fire Extguisher Mount
Baja Designs
Onx 6 And Xl80
Baja Designs RTL Chase Light


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